Emerging Chiang Mai Artist Goy Kankanakul presents

The Beginning

Emerging Thai artist Supinya ‘Goy’ Kankanakul presents EXHIBLITZ, showcasing new works since her graduation from Chiang Mai Rajamangala University in 2016.

 After five simultaneous small but wonderful Exhiblitz exhibitions, and a new cartoon series exhibit called BubbleShoes© (view here), Goy returns with her first major solo exhibition:
Icon amazed

Icon amazed achieves something beyond the capability of normal human focus, a meditational concentration, sporadically combining experimental cubism and pop art with her new technique: ‘the unique identity of a thousand signatures’ which the written word can only remotely describe as ‘fineliner weaving’ or ‘mazing. read more


Goy Kankanakul presents

Icon amazed, her first major solo exhibition, @ The Meeting Room Art Café, Chiang Mai, at 6PM on Wednesday, 16th May, 2018.

The exhibition is on display until 31 May 2018.
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Goy’s most recent accomplishment: cover artwork for DRYNWIDEON, Chiang Mai author Rob Gregory’s upcoming epic novel.

Release date 1st March 2018


EXHIBLITZ in the media

Blogs and social media in several countries have picked up on press articles about Goy. To date, she has been written about in English, Thai, Dutch, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

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BubbleShoes© is the latest creation of artist Supinya ‘Goy’ Kankanakul.  Derived from the trials and revelations of childhood, some images present the wisdom of innocence while others recreate her deeper philosophical reflections over those early milestones of her journey.