BubbleShoes is about to be unleashed all over the planet

Nov 23, 2017


Press Release

BubbleShoes© is the latest creation f rom Chiang Mai artist Supinya ‘Goy’ Kankanakul. Derived from the trials and revelations of childhood, some images present the magical wisdom of innocence while others recreate her deeper philosophical reflections over those early milestones of her journey. You choose.
BubbleShoes© is about to be unleashed all over the planet . Searching for local media rocket fuel.
The debut series has been translated from Thai into English, French and Chinese (Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese soon to follow).
Belgium. Birthplace of Tintin. World Premiere of BubbleShoes© launches at Chiang Mai’s favourite Belgian restaurant, Jethro’s Lounge, heaven on the fringe of the moat. Delicious food, great staff, beautiful gardens , and then there is Malai, the boss, one of the loveliest souls on our planet.
Begins 1 st December until January 31 st 2018. Left at Chiang Mai ‘City News’ and take a dog’s leg (L&R) just before the Soi narrows. 12/8 Soi 2, Ratchiangsean Road, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50100. Phone: 086 195 3845 www.exhiblitz.com