Blog posts about Goy Kankanakul, an Emerging Thai Artist, and Chiang Mai – The Art Capital of SE Asia

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Icon amazed

Following the success of her recent debut (www.exhiblitz.com), Thai artist Goy Kankanakul presents Icon amazed, her first major solo exhibition, @ The Meeting Room Art Café, Chiang Mai, at 6PM on Wednesday, 16th May, 2018. ‘The vulnerability of Marilyn’ takes the...

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BubbleShoes is about to be unleashed all over the planet

BubbleShoes Press Release BubbleShoes© is the latest creation f rom Chiang Mai artist Supinya ‘Goy’ Kankanakul. Derived from the trials and revelations of childhood, some images present the magical wisdom of innocence while others recreate her...

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Chiang Mai – The Art Capital of SE Asia

Emerging Chiang Mai artist Supinya ‘Goy' Kankanakul Rajamangala Graduation Streetscape 2016: Thapae Gate’s ‘Abbey Road’. Exhiblitz. It Begins When The Triplets Sit At One Of The Outside Tables And Unfold A Gift. All Recent Art Graduates, Gruai, Wildlife Photographer,...

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