Emerging Chiang Mai artist Supinya ‘Goy’ Kankanakul

Rajamangala Graduation Streetscape 2016: Thapae Gate’s ‘Abbey Road’.

Exhiblitz. It Begins When The Triplets Sit At One Of The Outside Tables And Unfold A Gift. All Recent Art Graduates, Gruai, Wildlife Photographer, Ging, The Artistic IT Whizz And Rising, And Then There Is Goy, One Of Those Incredible Talents That You Encounter Only Once In Your Lifetime, If You’re Lucky.
It is Goy who presents her gilt framed original image of those now famous coffee beans. Dante’s ‘coffee bean’ Inferno immediately comes to mind with the intensity of light piercing from the camaraderie of tiny blank white spaces dancing with minutely controlled yellows. Fire encased in chosen hues that alone command from the iris, a deep gratitude of receipt.

IT whizz Ging.

Wildlife photographer Gluai,


The artistics Triplets, Goy, Gluai and Ging.


Goy at work in her atelier.


The six senses are all here. The sixth? Somebody is talking about you. And how often do you receive a present in Thailand for the many that you give? Not often, but when you do, you know the token of esteem is multiplied by its rarity ratio. Overwhelmed, that happens a lot here too when you tune in, the imagination kicks in on overtime. In the barber’s chair actually.
There’s a place in Chiang Mai that’s like stepping back into the fifties, men in white coats, some in their seventies still with Elvis slicks, swivel chairs that have been re upholstered five times over the past hundred years, best haircut and movie you’ll ever see. If you do find this place, one thing; treat them with the respect they deserve and you’ll receive it back in buckets.

A major solo exhibition for Goy. A lot of arrows were pointing to The Meeting Room Art Café along the Riverside. You only have to step through the door into the sanctuary that Jo has created to know how committed he is. It’s a space that calms and humbles you. And days later, he met Goy. He knew almost immediately. She was welcome.

She would need undistracted time in a studio to build a body of work. That needs a safety barrier of funds. An exhibition blitz. Back to Dante’s Coffee Bean Inferno. Discovered this rich lode of art printers who are so internationally popular that some had queues stretch sometimes into years. Typical Chiang Mai. Everything is a labyrinth here. Like the soi you never explored which turns from myopia into a crystal junction of the universe. Most impressed by Kruu Kong at C.A.P. and his Aladdin’s Cave collection on the second and third floors above his workspaces.
Giclée printing was going to work faster. Inkjet, pigment inks, archive quality paper with serious DPI resolution. We found a printer with a machine that cost the price of four houses.

‘Prejudice readies to catch cherry Pride before a fall’ (you may think of them as flawed individuals – that doesn’t mean they can’t help each other. How many perfect people do you know?)

And so the sampling began. Hours, days of refining programs to produce legitimate results while simultaneously researching archive paper and what we think could possibly be the best frame maker in the world.

Then there were the physical installations on which all the sisters worked tirelessly together. Each location presenting challenges, and each were solved by their combined skills, often silently, telepathically.

Then the media support began to flow. First from a visual listing from Chiang Mai’s own City Life Magazine followed by a feature by popular Dutch writer Antonin Cee (Author of NATIVE HERB – “Superb, a future classic”) in Trefpunt Thailand. Goy, previously unknown, was now appearing on Google searches along with images of her recent works.

The restaurants, all with city sanctum gardens, are enhanced by the layout of Goy’s displays. Enlarged posters of the images draw the eye towards the smaller originals. Visually, there is a beautiful impact that enriches the mood of every space.

Cherry readies to catch cherry Pride before a fall.

Don’t know how it happened but within a week Goy and EXHIBLITZ had been written about in seven major languages, Spanish excluded, more work to do. Sales of prints in the first week exceed expectations, with most purchases being entire sets of her series. Now requests for the promotional posters are coming in.

Yesterday, Goy received generous national coverage in Bangkok Post’s (Thailand’s most popular English language newspaper) Guru Magazine. The local forums are lit up dissecting and consuming details.

Who knows where this journey will lead Goy, albeit with a faster gait to get her genius easily over the next hurdle and give it space to flourish.
All displayed limited edition images, currently available for shipment worldwide, until sold out. Visit EXHIBLITZ.COM for details. And check back, as Goy’s Pre Grad Collection is currently being catalogued and will soon be on view.

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