Following the success of her recent debut (, Thai artist

Goy Kankanakul presents Icon amazed, her first major solo exhibition, @ The Meeting Room Art Café, Chiang Mai, at 6PM on Wednesday, 16th May, 2018.

‘The vulnerability of Marilyn’ takes the artist’s reach to another level. The waves of emotions capture a host of other subtleties, like the gateway for its title, the missing eyelashes.


Icon amazed achieves something here beyond the capability of normal human focus: a meditational concentration, sporadically combining experimental cubism and pop art with her new technique: ‘the unique identity of a thousand signatures’ which the written word can only remotely describe as ‘fineliner weaving’ or ‘mazing.’

Marilyn Icon amazed

60cm x 80cm fineliner on Japanese canvas

Her time in studio has been limited to two hour sessions with breaks, as Goy recently, after a lengthy ten hour marathon, re-emerged to the world as a caricature of her own creation (, imbued in the visual enrichment of a world she alone can enter, and return to share with us.

Flux, Flap

60cm x 80cm fineliner/acrylic on canvas


The pinnacle of our evolution?



60cm x 80cm fineliner on canvas

Temple Aurora

100cm x 70cm fineliner on canvas


Temple Sphere

temple sphere Icon amazed

100cm x 70cm fineliner on canvas